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 Fibroid is a common benign tumor of the uterus (womb), hence the term “uterine fibroid†. It is Common in women above 25 years of age. It is also more common in blacks.

Fibroid is rare before the age of onset of menses, and the size tends to reduce at menopause.

About 20% of women of reproductive age have one or more fibroid(s) in the womb. However, not everyone has symptoms. Many people only discover its presence when they have to go for an ultrasound scan of the abdomen and/or pelvis for the diagnosis of a different condition.

The exact cause is not known but it occurs more in those who haven't had children relative to those who have had more than two children.

Not everyone with uterine fibroid needs treatment. However, if there are symptoms from the fibroid (symptomatic uterine fibroid), then there may be need for medical intervention.

These symptoms include:

  •   Heavy menses
  •   Irregular menses
  •   Abdominal swelling; sometimes it is big enough for the person or others to assume that she is pregnant.
  •   Constipation may occur when a large fibroid compresses the rectum
  •   Increased frequency of urination, when a large fibroid compresses the bladder
  •   Swelling of the feet from compression of some veins on the legs

As stated earlier, not everyone with fibroid needs treatment. But if it is symptomatic, then you need to discuss with your doctor the best line of management for you.


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