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The prostate is a vital gland in the male. It secretes fluid that helps to maintain the vitality of the sperm.

Prostate cancer is regarded as the most commonly diagnosed cancer in males.

It is rare before 50 years but its occurrence increases thereafter.


The exact cause of prostate cancer, like other cancers, is unknown. However, some risk factors predispose to it. These include:


  •   AGE: The older the male, the higher the risk.
  •   FAMILY AND GENETIC FACTORS: This depends on the number of family members/ relatives affected and the age at which they were diagnosed. The risk is higher in men whose first degree relatives were affected.
  •   RACE: It is more common in blacks.
  •   DIET: Increased dietary fat increases the risk.
  •   VASECTOMY: This is a form of male contraception. It increases the risk in men who underwent the procedure at 35 years of age.
  •   CIGARETTE SMOKING: increases the risk.
  •   HIGH VITAMIN A INTAKE: Increases the risk.
  •   SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR: Multiple sexual partners, becoming sexually active at an early age, recurrent sexually transmitted infections, all increase the risk.
  •   VITAMIN D: If low in the body, predisposes to prostate cancer; and vice versa.


There are several investigations available for diagnosis of prostate cancer which would usually be carried out after a thorough physical examination. Therefore, as you advance in age, it is best you carry out the appropriate investigations as recommended by your doctor.


Having learnt about the risk factors, it is important to take the necessary precautions, with some lifestyle modifications, so you do not fall a victim of prostate cancer.




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